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The Artistry of Lia Martino


2541 Thompson St
Fort Myers, Florida
Opening Preview
Friday May 5  8-10
Gallery Hours
Saturday May 6 Noon-8
Sunday May 7 Noon-8
Lia Martino can find a muse in just about anything: “I’m inspired daily, by everything: music, emotion, a movie, a quote. If I smell a gardenia, I want to paint a flower. If I see a beautiful child, then I want to paint children.” Her versatility keeps her artwork alive, and captivates her viewers.

Martino has been painting since she was a child, with her first New York City opening at twelve years old. She’s been gaining a following ever since. Now, she resides in Fort Myers, constantly working on paintings in her home studio. She is always challenging herself and refuses limitation, “Throughout my artistic career, I have been driven by the excitement of experimentation. From my earliest endeavors, I found new material and new media could help me achieve the best results.”

Her enthusiasm and love for life is exuded in her work. Her unapologetic humor, passion, and style are key to her success. She paints out of necessity, out of love for the art, “I see something that I connect with and then I have to paint it…I have to actually run home and paint it,” and this urge keeps her working.  The constant flow of inspiration keeps her from meticulously over-planning, and she finds the hard work she puts into every piece outweighs the technicalities of one painting. Her freethinking adage for life is reflected equally in every painting, “I think you just have to be as present as you can and take things as you go. I don’t start a painting with any idea at all, even as far as the subject is concerned. When I put the paint on, it goes on unevenly.  I start seeing shapes in it. I paint and un-paint as I go along.”

Her studio along the river in Fort Myers is a combination of a traditional 14 foot by 14 foot indoor artists studio and the grounds and outdoors that surround it.  She is more likely to be found outside with her large-scale canvases leaning against the side of the studio where she can work on them unhindered. Her work starts as all others on a blank canvass but her canvasses do not remain blank for long. She builds the surface up on each one with layers of texture and color.

It has been said that one of the hardest things about completing a work of art is knowing when you are finished. Lia’s work is rarely ever finished until it is delivered to her client. Her followers don’t only enjoy her finished products, they enjoy watching this process as well. Lia has found success in live painting events. She will be painting a new work at The Art Festival at Mercato this weekend.

Ms. Martino will be presenting her new works of art at REMEDIES PARLOR, 2541 Thompson St. Fort Myers, Florida. REMEDIES PARLOR is an intimate shop serving wine, bubbles, and beer. The shop features unique home furnishings, apothecary, jewelry, garden, and antiques. 

CLICK HERE  to visit their page for further information and directions.

To Contact Lia you can email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.