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A list of all events and dates for the upcoming season will be posted on May 25, 2021.  After this date you can find the list of events on "OUR SCHEDULE " page at the top of this web page. Some event dates have not yet been assigned. You can join our newsletter for occasional alerts on schedule and deadlines on our home page by self subscribing. There is a section for you to do so.

Registered users may log in on any page. Once you are logged in you will see "Click to Apply to all Shows" directly below artist login. Your image size should not exceed 1MB and you should not apply to more than three shows in one session. 

NEW FEATURES  You may review all shows you have applied to on the right at when you are logged in at "Click to View Your Event Applications".

When registering there is a feature where you can click a  link "Add to Calendar" by clicking the link you will automatically be able to add the event to your personal calendar.

If you are not yet a registered user go to HOW TO APPLY at the top of any page where you will be instructed on CREATING AN ACCOUNT. 

For complete information on each boulderbrook event including dates, deadlines, and fees just click on the name of the event under "artist festival links"on the right.

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