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When you apply to one of our events you are only obligated to pay your application fee. Application fees are not refundable under terms and conditions when you complete your application. We will inform you of your acceptance and at that time ask you how you prefer to pay your booth fee. You will receive an acceptance email that will ask you whether you wish to pay by check or receive a credit card invoice. We have a structure that allows you to pay 50% at acceptance and the balance in at leat one month. After we deposit your booth fee there is still a time period for you to get a full refund of your fees. That date is also contained on each shows web page.After this date we may decide to give a 50% refund or a full refund depending on your circumstance. if you are honest forthcoming for your request you may receive a full refund even past all deadlines.

If you are applying to our show and it is scheduled at the same time as an another event you have applied to, and prefer to do, inform us when you apply. if accepted into that event you would be able request a refund for your booth fee. If you do so your request will be allowed. We will require you to decide by a specific date. You will have to include this request with your application.  For example, if you are selected to our event and are informed that you were accepted to Winter Park past our deposit deadline for the same weekend, we will give you back your funds if you have proof of acceptance and prefer to do Winter Park.

Each event web page lists the date of full refunds for each event. If you notify us via email prior to this date we will send you back your entire booth fee, no questions asked. After this time we still can make plans to refund all of your fees or a percentage of your fees.

The closer we get to the event the less likely you are to receive a refund. Artists who call ahead and cancel prior to an event and are not eligible for a refund may receive jury and fee exemptions to the following year’s event. If you are unable to make an event at the last moment, it is to your advantage to call us and inform us so that we can determine what benefits you will receive. If you have to cancel our event due to hardship we will of course consider sending you back a full refund.