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We try to be fair to the artists who exhibit in our festival and also present the customers who attend high quality works of art. Nothing is more potentially damaging to an artist or art festival reputation than a patron that buys something only to discover that it is less original than they perceived. After much thought, and with the input of three highly regarded members of the art festival community, we have re-examined our position on reproductions. The major issue facing boulderbrook reproduction policy is that we provide quality artwork to our patrons. We have a responsibility to our public as art buyers and we have a responsibility to our artists to attempt to provide them with the highest quality venue at our means. Therefore, we request that you conform to this policy.

All artists work must reflect the quality of the work shown in their jury images. Only the works of the accepted artists may be sold or displayed. Only works in the category that the artist is accepted are allowed for display and sale. Only artists accepted in the jewelry category are allowed to sell jewelry. No posters, laser prints, postcards, calendars, T-shirts and or any other commercially produced works will be permitted .

Buy sell is prohibited and all buy sell items will be removed from the show if it is determined that you are violating the buy sell prohibition.

Original Artwork
Artwork must be original in design and executed by the applicant. Each Artist must accompany his own work and may display and sell only in the category in which they were accepted. No commercial dealers, agents, kits, crafts or castings of originals from commercial molds.

Limited Edition Prints
A print is different than a reproduction. Prints are made by printers. Reproductions are copies of original artwork. Printed works for which the artist’s hand manipulates the plates, stones or screens and have been properly signed and numbered as a limited edition are included in this category. Customarily makers of original prints sign and number their prints with pencil and as a result, the public associates this practice with original artwork. When artists sign their reproductions in the same manner and refer to them as signed and numbered prints rather than signed and numbered reproductions, this results in confusion and incorrect labeling. So we do recommend people number their ORIGINAL prints only. Printmakers are encouraged to identify their printmaking processes.

boulderbrook assigns an inspector to review images and tour the show on Saturday morning to examine all jewelry makers work for buy sell items and kits. Only artists accepted in the Jewelry Category may display and sell jewelry.

Multiple Categories

You may apply to multiple categories. We will allow any artist to display in two categories. You may display the works in one booth or separate booths but you must pay two fees either way. 

Photography and Digital Art

Photographs must be from the artist’s original negative or file, and may be signed and numbered at the artists discretion. We request Giclee’ of a photographer or digital artists work be labeled as a Giclee’ and an explanation of the process should be attached to the back of each piece. We suggest all digital artists label the process used in achieving their finished work. Digital Category work must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival materials.

Reproductions All reproductions whether framed or unframed, must be clearly and individually labeled “REPRODUCTION”. This notice must appear on the front of each reproduction in your booth. The method of reproduction should be clearly communicated to the buyer. For clarification of “Reproduction” refer to the link at the bottom of this page.

Although we do not require it we discourage the numbering of reproductions , we suggest that this process be used only for limited edition prints, not reproductions. This application will make it easier for the public to separate original prints from reproductions, although we do not require it.

All non-labeled reproductions may be subject to removal from display. All framed and unframed reproductions may be displayed in “browse bins” ONLY or on the outside back wall of your display. All of our events allow for you to display on the sides and backs of your tents.  Browse bins may not exceed 16 square feet (example, max. width 48″ , max length 48″). “Browse Bin” must be clearly marked “REPRODUCTIONS”. Reproductions may NOT be displayed in the same browse bin with originalartwork. Reproductions shall be displayed only on half of the inside rear wall and the back outside wall.

 If for any understandable and explainable reason that your reproductions do not conform to our policy, then contact us as we reserve the right to make adjustments. There are always gray areas involved in these policies that may not suit all individuals, if you wish you may contact us with recommendations and questions. We base all of our decisions on what will help our artists succeed in the best run quality events.

For clarification of Original Prints or Reproductions please refer to this fine article by Dale Rayburn

Failure to abide by these rules may result in immediate removal of artwork, ejection from this year’s Festival and possible suspension from exhibiting in future Festivals.


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