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boulderbrook reproduction policy

We try to be fair to the artists who exhibit in our festival and also present the customers who attend high quality works of art. Nothing is more potentially damaging to an artist or art festival reputation than a patron that buys something only to discover that it is less original than they perceived. After much thought, and with the input of three highly regarded members of the art festival community, we have re-examined our position on reproductions. The major issue facing boulderbrook reproduction policy is that we provide quality artwork to our patrons. We have a responsibility to our public as art buyers and we have a responsibility to our artists to attempt to provide them with the highest quality venue at our means. Therefore, we request that you conform to this policy.

All artists’ work must reflect the quality of the work shown in their jury slides. Only the works of the accepted artists may be sold or displayed. Only works in the category that the artist is accepted are allowed for display and sale. Only artists accepted in the jewelry category are allowed to sell jewelry. No posters, laser prints, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, T-shirts and or any other commercially produced works will be permitted.

Buy sell is prohibited and all buy sell items will be removed from the show if it is determined that you are violating the buy sell prohibition.

Original Artwork

Artwork must be original in design and executed by the applicant. Each Artist must accompany his own work and may display and sell only in the category in which they were accepted. No commercial dealers, agents, kits, crafts or castings of originals from commercial molds.

Limited Edition Prints

Printed works for which the artist’s hand manipulates the plates, stones or screens and have been properly signed and numbered as a limited edition are included in this category. Customarily makers of original prints sign and number their prints with pencil and as a result, the public associates this practice with original artwork. When artists sign their reproductions in the same manner and refer to them as signed and numbered prints rather than signed and numbered reproductions, this results in confusion and incorrect labeling. So we do recommend people number their ORIGINAL prints only. Printmakers are encouraged to identify their printmaking processes.


boulderbrook assigns an inspector to review images and tour the show on Saturday morning to examine all jewelry makers work for buy sell items and kits. Only artists accepted in the Jewelry Category may display and sell jewelry.

Multiple Categories

You may apply to multiple categories. We will allow any artist to display in two categories. You may display the works in one booth or separate booths but you must pay two fees either way. 

Photography and Digital Art

Photographs must be from the artist’s original negative or file, and may be signed and numbered at the artists discretion. We request Giclee’ of a photographer or digital artists work be labeled as a Giclee’ and an explanation of the process should be attached to the back of each piece. We suggest all digital artists label the process used in achieving their finished work. Digital Category work must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival materials.

Although we do not require it we discourage the numbering of reproductions, we suggest that this process be used only for limited edition prints, not reproductions. This application will make it easier for the public to separate original prints from reproductions, although we do not require it.

All non-labeled reproductions will be subject to removal from display. All framed and unframed reproductions may be displayed in “browse bins” ONLY . Browse bins may not exceed 16 square feet (example, max. width 48″ , max length 48″). “Browse Bin” must be clearly marked “REPRODUCTIONS”. Reproductions may NOT be displayed in the same browse bin with originalartwork. Reproductions shall be displayed only on half of the inside rear wall and the back outside wall.

If for any understandable and explainable reason that your reproductions do not conform to our policy, then contact us as we reserve the right to make adjustments. There are always gray areas involved in these policies that may not suit all individuals, if you wish you may contact us with recommendations and questions. We base all of our decisions on what will help our artists succeed in the best run quality events.

boulderbrook refund policy

When you apply to one of our events you pay a non-refundale application fee.  When you are accepted into the event, we will contact you. When we contact you, you are informed that you have been accepted and you will receive an invoice with due date for your booth fee. Refunds for canceling a show are at the descretion of boulderbrook.

boulderbrook booth assignments

boulderbrook spends a significant amount of time and resources assigning booth spaces for the festival. We attempt to develop booth assignments where no two artists of similar categories are near each other. We attempt to make special arrangements for handicapped artists. We also take into consideration that certain large scale heavy works need special attention. We also attempt to place family members near each other. After receiving their acceptance artists are asked to provide space requests (there is also a space on your application to fill this in). boulderbrook productions assigns a jury/category number to each application as it arrives in the mail. The earlier an application arrives the lower the category number the packet is assigned.

The Art Festival assigns booth requests according to the following criteria in the following order.

1) Historical Presence
Artists who are accepted to the festival and also were accepted to the previous show, who ask for their booth location from the previous year, will receive their request.
2) Award Winners
Award winners from the previous year are given their preference for booth location, unless their request interferes with criteria number one, then they receive the closest space to that conflicting choice.
3) Jury Score
There is a section on the application for booth requests. When laying out the show the computer list and the requests are consulted. The list is separated by category and listed according to jury score. As the show spaces are assigned by category the list is consulted and the requests of the artist with a higher jury are considered first.
4) Arrival Date
As many accepted artists have the same jury score in their category when two artists in the same category make similar requests, the artist whose application was received first gets preference.
5) Moving Booth Locations After Assignments
After receiving booth assignments in the mail, some artists email or phone in requests to move into particular sections and areas. If possible the director may phone another artist to arrange a switch. If not possible the move request is noted on the computer and if spaces open up moves can be made. Move criteria are handled by category and jury score. We will not move someone if a space becomes available if that artist’s category conflicts with neighboring booths.

Wait List Artists Assignments

When artists drop out throughout the year they are replaced by Alternate Artists from the same category. After consulting our Move Booth List we then place wait listed artists in the vacated space.

Set Up at Event

At all of our events allow you to set up on the day before the event, usually beginning at 10AM. If you plan to set up early on the day of the event and not the day before you have to let us know so we don’t worry.

As of this date you are able to drive up to your booth at each event and unload and set up. You are also able to drive up to take down. There may be some dollying from the parking areas if so you will receive that info in your acceptance information.

The locations are all very roomy and convenient. Artist parking is convenient, short distance and free at every event.

After notification of your acceptance we will send you information on your booth number, driving directions, set up times and all other arrival information at least one month before the event and the information will be posted on-line.

Our shows are all reasonably sized so you will not be fighting for space during load in. After you arrive you check in drive to your space and load in. We provide police security at each event and our events are held in some extremely nice communities, however, the decision to leave your work in your booth at night is your decision and your decision only. If you ask us our opinion our response will always be’ “we have hired security to discourage criminals.” In my entire career I have only had one theft at all the events combined, there will be a second time.

Tents are to be opened and ready to go in plenty of time each morning, our early bird attendees are there to buy and go about their daily routine so we encourage everyone to be ready for business early.

Breakdown: You are instructed to take down your display and then go get your vehicle so that the process will go as smoothly as possible.

Marketing You

Prior to each of our events we select images and stories of our participating artists. We select this information from our accepted artists for some of the needs that we have that occur after the selection process. We also have to select great images and great art and interesting, not run of the mill stories before the events for deadlines that occur prior to the selection process.

Sometimes we use past participants who have won awards or others who we approach directly. But we also want to open the process to everyone.

We send out stories to magazines, newspapers and websites with the basic information on the festivals for calendar sections and include great images in hopes that the images will be selected for inclusion

We also have an obligation to educate the public and to educate them about our artists and our events. We ask our artists to submit story ideas of interest and images that we can use to promote the event. Each event has featured images that are used on our posters and are used in the advertisements that we purchase on television and in print.

With this in mind we ask that you send us images and stories in advance of sending in your applications. I know that it is tough to send out application fees and checks out earlier than you prefer so if you are waiting to send in your applications that is understandable. If you send in your information prior to your application you may be selected in advance of the selection process. The benefit of submitting your images and ideas early means that you may be selected as a jury exempt participant (no fee). If we select your story or image we want you here so we allow certain artists who are selected to gain early acceptance.

So I am asking and encouraging you to spend some time and put something together, and get it in early so we can put it to good use. We want stories of interest not resumes and bios. Something that will make them laugh or think. Or an educational story on how your art is created. I also encourage you to get these types of packets out to other events. Make them neat, compact and brief. If they are well done and intriguing smart people at the other events will call you and ask you to expand those ideas.

Get those stories out …… send your images and stories to us as sooon as we request them.