boulderbrook spends a significant amount of time and resources assigning booth spaces for the festival. We attempt to develop booth assignments where no two artists of similar categories are near each other. We attempt to make special arrangements for handicapped artists. We also take into consideration that certain large scale heavy works need special attention. We also attempt to place family members near each other. After receiving their acceptance artists are asked to provide space requests (there is also a space on your application to fill this in).  The earlier an application arrives correlates to the request. 

The Art Festival assigns booth requests according to the following criteria in the following order.

1) Historical Presence
Artists who are accepted to the festival and also were accepted to the previous show, who ask for their booth location from the previous year, will receive their request or an adajacent space.
2) Frequent Participants
As you would expect, we will give preference to artists who apply and are accepted to multiple shows.  
3) Arrival Date
As many accepted artists have the same jury score in their category when two artists in the same category make similar requests, the artist whose application was received first gets preference.
4) Moving Booth Locations After Assignments
After receiving booth assignments some artists email requests (please don't call email is so much more efficient for this) to move into particular sections and areas. If possible the director may arrange a switch. If not possible the move request is noted on the computer and if spaces open up moves can be made at the event. Move criteria are handled by category and jury score. We will not move someone if a space becomes available if that artist’s category conflicts with neighboring booths.

Wait List Artists Assignments
When artists drop out throughout the year they are replaced by Alternate Artists from the same category. After consulting our Move Booth List we then place wait listed artists in the vacated space.