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boulderbrook productions |po box 990 | naples, fl 34106 | 239-293-9448 | CLICK HERE  to send us an email

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Applications are available for Fall 2019 and the 2020 Season as of May 15, 2019. Check OUR SCHEDULE at the top of this page. If you wish to receive our newsletter containing information on deadlines and other information click Subscribe on this page.

boulderbrook holds a dozen high quality art festivals in Southwest Florida from Naples to Saint Petersburg.  For information and dates, deadlines, locations, fees, and all other information on a specific event check APPLYING ARTISTS at the top of this page.  Here you will find fully detailed information including dates, locations, deadlines and fees. 


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Each of our events allow the visitor to meet and get to know the all of our artists. Our events are just the right size for you to be able to get to see each artists work and have time to go back and visit with the ones that you discover that you like. Whether you are searching for that perfect painting, a wonderful piece of jewelry, or a sculpture, you will be able to meet the creator of each piece and get to know what inspires them and how they actually create each piece.

As of 08/12/08 all of our events allow you to set up on the day before the event, usually beginning at 10AM. This is a convenience for you, it is also an added expense. We don't get locations and street closures for free. We pay extra so that you can set up the day prior to an event rather than the early morning of the event. If you plan to set up early on the day of the event and not the day before you have to let us know so we don’t worry.

As of this date you are able to drive up to your booth at each event excluding Gulfport, you must dolly.  You are also able to drive up to take down. There may be some dollying from the parking areas if so you will receive that info in your acceptance information.

The locations are all very roomy and convenient. Artist parking is convenient. Sanibel artists parking is located one mile away and we provide a proffessional shuttle.

After notification of your acceptance we will send you information on your booth number, driving directions, set up times and all other arrival information at least one month before the event and the information will be posted on-line.

Our shows are all reasonably sized so you will not be fighting for space during load in. After you arrive you check in drive to your space and load in. We provide police and overnight security at each event and our events are held in some extremely nice communities, however, the decision to leave your work in your booth at night is your decision and your decision only. If you ask us our opinion our response will always be’ “we have hired security to discourage criminals he decision to leave your work is your own.” In my entire career I have only had one theft at all the events combined, there will be a second time.

Tents are to be opened and ready to go in plenty of time each morning, our early bird attendees are there to buy and go about their daily routine so we encourage everyone to be ready for business early.

Breakdown: You are instructed to take down your display and then go get your vehicle so that the process will go as smoothly as possible.