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The Art Festival Online

To be guided to the art festival online CLICK HERE

the art festival online is an ever changing collection of artwork created by the finest outdoor art festival participants. Each month we will present highly skilled artists who participate in the finest outdoor art festivals in the nation. Each participating artist invites you to click on their contact info to view additional works of art on their personal artist web page. We think you will enjoy this very unique browsing experience and we hope you will enjoy seeing the artwork of the nations finest artists.

If you are already a registered artist on and wish to be featured on the art festival online you will register just as you do for our outdoor events please click HERE and you will be guided to the home page where you can log in and register. If you are accepted there is no further charge to participate at this time.  Your $35 registration/jury fee is all that is required. Artists will receive requests for further information for Bios and instructions on where to follow the monthly event on line after we receive your registration. 

the art festival online requires a specific image size. If you do not have your images formatted in this size you may still register and we will contact you to have you email the correct image size after reviewing your registration. When applying you will be asked for the following:

  • 2 Images 16x9 ratio,  890pixels wide by 501pixels high. Images for display online only need to be 72DPI. 
  • Contact Info
  • Link to website or locations where your work is posted and for sale online.
  • Be aware that Social Media platforms will be used to promote this event.

If you are a new artist looking to be featured on the art festival online you will need to create an account before you can register, please apply HERE.

If you have any questions on exactly how to register and apply click HERE and you will be guided to help page on How to Apply.

New artists will be required to provide images in a specific size you may register without formatting your image. Once you are included in the online festival you will need to send 2 Images 16x9 ratio, actual size is 890pixels wide by 501pixels high. We can assist you with formatting your images. View the web page to see the layout of images.

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